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I didn't write this book to make money, and I almost certainly won't.


The book will come out in hardback, with a cover price of £20. But until we sell at least a thousand copies, I won't see a penny; and it'll need to rival Yuval Noah Harari for me to cover the costs of writing it!


But that was never the point. Writing it has been an investment in the impact I believe the ideas could have on our society, not an investment in my finances.


For that impact to be delivered, though, I do need to sell copies.

But I need to do that in a way that is true to the ideas within the pages.


I need to run launch events that help people find their power, not just show off.


I need to do interviews and reviews in a way that shines the light on people doing great work, not just on me.


I need to be useful, not sales-y.


In the language I use in the book, I need people to buy into the ideas, not just buy books.

WHY 2000?


I want to get this book into the hands of as many, and as influential, people as possible.

To have the best chance of that happening, CITIZENS needs to be on the bestseller lists.

Once you're on the list, the interviews, reviews and general noise about your book means you tend to stay there.

To get on the bestseller lists, I need around X sales in the first week. However, crucially, any sales between now and release date get counted as 'first week sales'.

So, I've set the aim of reaching X% of that target by release date. Hence, Target 2000.

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